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Using Analytics and AI to manage Talent Lifecycle and Employee Attrition

Plotting a career path must start at a grassroots level, when a learner is at the appropriate age and still in the education system, as this is when the foundation for a sustainable career is defined and nurtured.


Plugging South Africa’s skills gap

Contrary to the popular view that there is a shortage of talent to plug the skills gap, Pivotal Talent believes that the major challenge is rather an inability to adequately identify talent that can then be nurtured through development programmes.


Managing the talent lifecycle in a high attrition environment

Technology-mediated disruption in the workplace has a powerful impact on both businesses and their employees. While this trend provides numerous opportunities for growth, it also poses challenges.


Leverage human capital to drive innovation

By focusing predominantly on technology as its key competitive differentiator, businesses are failing to tap into their greatest potential for innovation – its human resources.


Promotion practices need to evolve

We all know that leadership is a top priority for HR professionals, yet many organisational policies and procedures related to promotions are outdated.

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