Scientifically match a student to the most recommended career path.

Find the career that fits

Pivotal Talent’s technology is designed for those requiring subject choice guidance, as well as those nearing the end of their schooling who need specific input on extra tuition, further studies, and career options.

Pivotal Talent Guides Subject Selection

Based on each individual’s profile report, a field of focus should become clear. Areas where extra tuition is required will also be identified.

Pivotal Talent Suggest Tertiary And Secondary Studies

Each report also tracks the courses and knowledge required for ultimate career success.

Pivotal Talent Increased Employability

The profiles of those nearing the end of school can be analysed to optimise potential. Additional courses and further studies will be recommended.

Pivotal Talent Offers Clarity

Students often feel pressured to ‘make a decision’ – one not always aligned to their dreams, natural aptitude and gut feel. Pivotal Talent helps steer the conversation.

Pivotal Talent Is A Scientific Resource

It’s explicitly designed for those in secondary schooling, matching students’ preferences, competencies, and life goals with suitable career paths.

Pivotal Talent Eliminates Unconscious Bias

An algorithm can’t play favourites, or insist on a presupposed career path – so there are no false positives. Just great science!



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